Wounded brother. Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 2 /35210/

Wounded brother. Indian Wars series, XVIII century. Kit No. 2/35210/

Scale: 1:35

Barcode: 35210

Series: XVIII century Series

Box size:  mm

The work of our customers:

Author - Jose Manuel Gomez Garcia, Spain Author - Sylvain Rivest, Canada Author - Rick Williams, the UK Author - Steven Martens, Belgium Author - Mathieu Alain, France Author - Rafael Gonzalez, Chile Author - Douglas Houart, Belgium


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Martin Lee
Absolutely wonderful! The 18th century Series is one that will run and run. It's really colourful, dramatic and exciting. Also it's very well documented, so there's plenty of reference material. Now, where are those Redcoats?
It's true and I also confirm I can't wait to see the other sets on the 18th century theme.

Отличная серия индейцев вудленда.Нужно продолжать эту серию.Великолепно.
Hope you got those weapons right. Your civil war era sets are like having ak-47 on Spanish civil war. And now seems that you are using that same trapdoor springfield from 1870's on 18th century figure set. Putting some bands on weapon don't make it right.
Corrado Laccetti
For me Ne A. Gagarin is a great sculptor for soldier. yours models is very beautiful kit