Greco-Persian Wars Series. Hoplite. Kit № 1 /32011/

Greco-Persian Wars Series. Hoplite. Kit № 1 /32011/

Scale: 1:32

Barcode: 32011

Series: Greco-Persian Wars Series

Box size:  mm

Many thanks for the help in creating this kit 32011 to Gamal Castile from Columbia, the USA:

The work of our customers:

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Why only one figure per box in the Graeco Persian range?
Bartosz Matusko
Greetings and wishes of everything best for your team from Poland, Rzeszów :)

I just bought today hoplite no.1 and I am impressed and very pleased with quality of this miniature it will require only light trimming along moldlines here and there.

My plan is to collect whole range from this series as I love ancient history, probably will build big diorama out of them in poses you present with archer and slinger in some distance, maybe fighting for some city corner or other ancient CQB environment.

So I am looking forward for release of Persians and hoping my local model store would get them in stock.

I recommend this miniatures even for beginners as plastic is good entry for trying bigger minis and a lot is in resin which is much harder to work with.
Also pricnig is very affordable, at least from my point of view, I bought it for 46 PLN roughly equivalent to 10$

Chris Pangalos
Very interested in learning more more about your Ancient Greek Hoplites and Persian soldiers for building battle dioramas.