Tiberious “Ty” Constellation Hackington III /24054/

Tiberious “Ty” Constellation Hackington III /24054/

Scale: 1:24

Barcode: 24054

Series: Spaceport Series

Box size:  mm

The work of our customers:

Author - Andrew Kirby, the United Kingdom

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John Brosnan
Just purchased this figure and the detail on the figure and weapon is great! Nice touch that you can display the figure with its face showing, or behind the face mask!!! Would like to see more figures like this in futuristic body armor --- sci military or sci fi police --- come from their great line. Keep these great 1/24th scale sci fi figures coming, Master Box!
Michael Barry
Great detail and accuracy. I also love the various themes that aren't available through most model companies. An excellent range!