Multipose Assembly

Making conversions is a usual practice among modelers. However, the possibilities of multipose assembly, which were introduced in set 3523, present something unusual.
We shall give several examples of multipose assembly.
Let us consider the figure of an attacking infantryman.

The kit is supplied with a changeable head, which provides certain varieties.

However, if you just simply replace the arms in our assembly instructions with parts # 49 and # 51 from the same kit, you can make some new and exciting variations.

Though you will have to use a knife from another kit or the spares box, you will not need to make any alterations to the limbs.
Sample # 2 is the figure of a wounded soldier.

Using parts # 23, 24, 32, 20, 25, 24, 27, 43 you get some very interesting variants.

Using parts # 7, 6, 34, 35, 38, 39, 47 you can make a very simple, and at the same time, very useful figure for creating a mass of attacking infantry.

A very interesting effect is reached if you replace the officer s head with part # 35.

By slightly changing the position of the arms and angle of the figure you create a new subject and a new state of emotion!

We have made all the above alterations using the parts from one kit. If you pass the limit of a single kit and use the parts from other kits, you can go even further!
For instance, using part # 22 from kit # 3524, you will create the following variant.

You should, though, deepen the mounting point for the new head a little bit.
Utilizing other kits also opens good and interesting opportunities.
Let us take the figure of the submachine-gunner from kit # 3522.

Using part # 50 from kit 3522 and parts # 46, 48 and 49 from kit # 3524, you get a new and very expressive figure.

We emphasize once again that you do not need to make any complicated conversions in any of the above cases.
We are sure that the possibilities of the kits are not limited only to those presented here.
We would be extremely happy to receive any variations to our figures that you, fellow modelers, can come up with. We will post them in this very section, mentioning the modeler s name. The most interesting variants will be awarded prizes of Master Box kits.