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1/24 Scale

1/24 Car Series

 - Dangerous Curves Series

Jogging some miles. Tyra /24050/ What he really thinks of your car. Bart and Radley (dog) /24049/ Bob and Sally - The Happy Couple /24029/ Dangerous Curves Series, Ali - #Status Check /24028/ Dangerous Curves Series, Ashley - Field Interview /24027/ Dangerous Curves Series, Kate - I'll Be Right There /24026/ Dangerous Curves, Jackie - Hold On Tight /24022/ Dangerous Curves, Claire - Catch Me If You Can /24021/ Dangerous Curves Series, Sloan - Vegas Baby /24020/ Pin-up series. A short stop. Kit No. 3 /24017/ Pin-up series. A short stop. Kit No. 2 /24016/ Pin-up series. A short stop. Kit No. 1 /24015/

- Truckers Series

Truckers series. Kitty (Princess) James /24046/ Truckers series. Joni (Lookout) Johnson & her dog Maxx /24045/ Truckers series. Mike (Beach Boy) Barrington /24044/ Truckers series. Jimmy (Tex) Haywood /24043/ Truckers series. Stan (Long Haul) Thompson /24042/ Truckers series. Hitchhikers, Erica & Kery /24041/

Pin-up series

 Thunder Spirit/24019/ Marshal Jessie /24018/ Pin-up series, Kit No. 6. Samantha /24006/ Pin-up series, Kit No. 5. Patty /24005/ Pin-up series, Kit No. 4. Suzie /24004/ Pin-up series, Kit No. 3. Alice /24003/ Pin-up series, Kit No. 2. Betty /24002/ Pin-up series, Kit No. 1. Marylin /24001/

Ancient Greek Myths Series

Ancient Greek Myths Series. Perseus /24032/ Ancient Greek Myths Series. Medusa /24025/ Ancient Greek Myths Series. Satyr /24024/ Ancient Greek Myths Series. Centaur /24023/

Indian Wars

Buffalo Hunter. Running Bear /24048/

World of Fantasy

World of Fantasy. Giant. Bergtroll /24014/ World of Fantasy. This is my land! /24011/ World of Fantasy. Kit No. 2 /24008/ World of Fantasy. Graggeron & Halseya /24007/

Spaceport - At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Companys adventures

Laurie Lightning Bolt Barnes /24055/ Tiberious Ty Constellation Hackington III /24054/ At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Companys adventures. Episode I. The first meeting.  Back off /24035/ At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Companys adventures. Episode I. The first meeting. Keep moving, Nothing to see here. Everything is under control /24034/ At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Companys adventures. Episode I. The first meeting. Dont even think about /24033/ At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Companys adventures. Episode I. The first meeting. Wow, I like it! /24031/


1/32 Scale. Military miniatures

WW II era

Pin-up /35183/ RAF Pilots, WW II Era /3206/ Pilots of Luftwaffe, WW II era /3202/ Famous pilots of WW II. Kit 1

Napoleonic Wars era

Napoleonic War Series /3209/ Napoleonic War Series /3208/ French cuirassier, Napoleonic War Series /3207/


1/35 Scale. Miniatures


Kawaii fashion leaders. Minami and Mai /35187/ Maid café girls. Nana and Momoko /35186/

Historical miniatures

Do or die! 18th North Carolina Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, Battle of Chancellorsville, May, 2nd, 1863. American Civil War Series /3581/ 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry 89th Regiment Pennsylvanian Volunteers, Battle of Chancellorsville, May, 2nd, 1863. American Civil War Series. Attack! U.S. Civil War Series: Yankee Scout and Tracker

Indian Wars

Indian Wars Series, kit No. 2. Tomahawk Charge /35192/ Indian Wars Series, Final Stand /35191/ Indian Wars Series. On the Great Plains /35189/ Indian Wars Series, kit No.1. Apache Attack /35188/ Indian Wars Series. Raid /35138/ Indian Wars Series. Remote shot /35128/

Vietnam War era

Somewhere in Saigon, Vietnam War Series/35185/ Head for the Huey /35107/ Charlie on the left!!! Vietnam war kit series! /35105/ Patroling. Vietnam War series/3599/ Jungle Patrol, Vietnam War series /3595/

Modern Wars era

Bundeswehr. German military men, Present day /35195/ Under Fire. Modern US Infantry /35193/ No Soldier left behind - MWD Down /35181/ Modern UK Infantrymen, present day /35180/ Man Down! US Modern Army, Middle East, Present day /35170/ Somewhere in the Middle East. Present day /35163/ Here is Snickers, help yourself, please! /35159/ /35154/ Modern US tankmen in Afghanistan. "Can we buy one of your sheep for a BBQ?" /35131/ US Check Point in Iraq /3591/ Iraq. Kit 2 /3576/ Iraq. Kit 1 /3575/

World War I era

British and German Cavalrymen, WWI era /35184/ British and German soldiers, Somme Battle, 1916 /35158/ British Infantry, Somme Battle period, 1916 /35146/ Tankmen of WWI era /35134/ Hand-to-hand fight, German & British infantrymen, WW I era /35116/ British Infantry before the attack, WWI era /35114/

World War II era

Crossroad, Eastern Front, WWII era /35190/ Pin-up /35183/ Volkssturm. Ammunition to the Frontline /35182/ Volkssturm. Tank Hunter. Germany, 1944-1945 /35179/ German Motorcyclists, WWII era /35178/ /35177/ The price of war. European Civilian, 1944-1945 /35176/ French soldier, WWII era /35173/ Volkssturm, Germany, 1944-1945 /35172/ German soldier-bicyclist, 1939-1942  /35171/ The German womans bicycle, WW II era /35166/ German military bicycle, WW II era /35165/ The 101st light company. US Paratroopers & British Tankman, France, 1944 /35164/ Let's stop them here! German Military Men, 1945 /35162/ Hitching a ride, US Paratroopers and Civilians /35161/ German Tankmen, WWII era /35160/ US and German Paratroopers, the South of Europe, 1944 /35157/ Dogs in service in the US Marine Corps, WW II era /35155/ Soviet Marines, Attack, 1941-1942. Kit No 3/35153/ Soviet Marines and German Infantry, Hand-to-hand fight, 1941-1942. Kit No 2/35152/ Urgent dispatch. German military radio car Sd.Kfz. 2 Type 170VK with crew, WW II era /35151/ Friendly boxing match. British and American paratroopers, WW II era /35150/ German Tankers - A break between battles, WW II eras /35149/ Women of WW II/35148/ Italian military men, WWII era /35144/ German Paratroopers. WW II era /35145/ German Infantry "Off to the front" Vehicle riders, WW II Era /35137/ Move, move, move!!! US Soldiers, Operation Overlord period, 1944 /35130/ Where are the damned roads? /35112/ The Generals of WW II /35108/ Cold Wind /35103/ German Infantry, Eastern Front, WWII Era/35102/ LRDG in North Africa, WWII /3598/ Vickers Machine Gun team, North Africa Desert Battle Series, WW II era /3597/ Allied Forces, WW II era, North Africa, desert battles series /3594/ DAK, German Infantry,WWII, North Africa desert Battles Series, Kit  3 /3593/ Hand-to-hand fight British and German Infantry, battles in Northern Africa,kit #1 / 3592 / Accident. Soviet & German military men, summer 1941 /3590/ US Marines in Jungle, WW II era /3589/ Citizenry. East European WW II Era /3588/ German Infantry. Western Europe. 1944-1945 /3584/ German Elite Infantry Repair Crew/3582/ British Infantry, North Africa, 1941-1943. Desert Battles. Kit   2 Citizenry. East European WW II Era /3588/ US Artillery Crew Crossroad /3572/ Who's that ? Hat das Fräulein heute schon etwas vor? / Fräulein, what are you doing today? German military men, WW II era /3570/ Soviet Tankmen,1943-1945 /3568/ Civilians, Western region, WW II era /3567/ Domestic Animals /3566/ Operation Milkman /3565/ Commonwealth AFV Crew Counterattack, Soviet Infantry, Summer 1941 /3563/ West European Cart /3562/ Rommel and German Tank Crew, DAK, WW II era /3561/ German Motorcycle Repair Crew Deutsches Afrika Korps, WWII Era Road to the Rear Women at War: Germany, Luftwaffe Helferinnen Women at War: US Navy WAVES Supplies, at last! "Ticket Home" "Maquis, French Resistance" Kradschutzen: German Motorcycle Troops on the Move Scotland the Brave "Watch tower " "Stukas im Anflug!" "Bloody Atol" Hand-to-hand fight, Tarawa, 1943 U.S. Marine Corps Infantry, Tarawa, November 1943 Japanese Special Naval Landing Force Tarawa, 1943 "Casualty Evacuation", German Infantry, Stalingrad, Summer 1942 German Signals Personnel, Stalingrad, Summer 1942 German motorcyclists, 1940-1943 "Somewhere in Europe..", 1944  "Farmers Cart", Europe, WWII Era German Tank Crew, Kursk, 1943 Russian tankmen, 1943-1944 British paratroopers, 1944. Kit 2 British paratroopers, 1944. Kit 1 "Bail Out!" Russian Tank Crew, Kursk, July 1943 Russian Infantry. Korsun-Shevchenkovskiy, 1944 Checkpoint German Machine-Gunners, Eastern front 1944 Skatspieler Frontier fight of summer 1941, hand to hand combat (4 fig.) Frontier fight of summer 1941, Russian Infantry (4 fig.) Frontier fight of summer 1941, German Infantry (4 fig.) U.S. Infantry, July "D-Day", 6th June 1944 U.S. Machine-gunners German Panzergrenadiers, 7 fig. German Captives 1944 Ammunition Transporter T-1A & Tank Crew German Tank Hunters 1944 Europe 1945 German panzergrenadiers (1939-1942) British commandos U.S. Paratroopers (1944) German Soldiers (1939-1942) German tank repairmen (1940-1944) German tank crew (1943-1945) /3508/ German tank crews (1943-1945) PzKfw 1A (Ambulance version)


German Infantry Weapons, WW II era /35115/ British Infantry Weapons, WW II era /35109/ Separate tracks /3505/


Zombie Hunter - Road to Freedom, Zombieland series /351705/

Desert Battle Series

Desert Battle Series, Skull Clan - To Catch a Thief /35140/ Desert Battle Series, Skull Clan - Death Angels/35122/



1/72 Scale

British Armoured Car, Austin, MK IV, WW I Era /72008/ British Armoured Car, Austin, MK III, WW I Era /72007/ MK II "Female" British Tank  /72006/ MK II Male British Tank, Arras Battle period, 1917 /72005/ MK I "Female" British Tank, Special Modification for the Gaza Strip  /72004/ MK I "Male" British Tank, Special Modification for the Gaza Strip  /72003/ MK I "Female" British Tank, Somme Battle period, 1916 /72002/ 72001 MK I "Male" British Tank, Somme Battle period, 1916 /72001/

1/35 Scale

German military car, Type 170V, Tourenwagen with crew, WW II era /35113/ Polizei-Kübelsitzwagen ab 1937, German military car, WW II  /35101/ German military car, Typ 170 V, Tourenwagen, 4 Türen, 1937-1940/35100/ Sd. Kfz. 2 Type 170 VK, German military radio car, WW II era Sd. Kfz. 1 Type 170 VK, German Military Staff car, WW II Era German motorcycle, WWII German motorcycle, WWII Munitionsschlepper Pz.1A mod. Breda Kleiner Panzerbefehlswagen KL1A




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