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Post: Francesco 11:44, 28th December
Very good figures MB. Why don't make something about ancient civilization and medieval?



Post: Mario Mark Zucca 13:01, 17th December
When ever I find your kits in the shops I buy them.How about making something on Italian Alpini or Bersaglieri?



Post: Duncan 13:23, 12th December
Really like your WW1 tanks in 1/72 and hope for more tanks and maybe some armoured cars and artillery in 1/72. A British Mark V tank would be great and an Austin Putilov armoured car for starters.



Post: David Hughes 23:37, 7th December
Very nice pieces that you offer. I enjoy dioramas and your assorment of figures help open the field of possibilities. Well Done! Keep them coming!



Post: Серик 15:08, 1st November
Доброго времени суток! Позвольте спросить, когда можно будет ожидать выхода в продажу набора под номером №35130 (американская пехота). Заранее спасибо, дякую!



Post: Ryan 22:15, 31st October
Your new zombie kit is sooo cool! I hope you make more! I will certainly buy them! You are by far my favorite figure company!



Post: Ali Can Demir 04:01, 21st October
I love MB figures, especially modern military ones in 1/35, ut i am looking forward to Modern Russian kits with RPG's and other good accessories. A 1/32 modern pilot set would sell good too.



Post: Alessandro 17:42, 17th October
Masterbox figures are very good ..I like so much the final german figures set,why you don't made some Modern-russian soldiers figures ? like chechnyan war or in afganistan ?



Post: Eduardo Jamar 22:54, 11th September
Explendid catalogue. You came with many diferent subjects. thank you! I'd like to see more plastic figures in 1/35 from other eras, like napoleonic, romans & greeks and old west. I'll send photos from my models soon. Take care.



Post: Libero Bolletta 12:24, 9th September
Splendido catalogo.....mi auguro che in futuro realizziate anche soldati italiani. Grazie.



Post: Jan 23:08, 3rd September
Great models, like the various of poses. Are you going to make any German paratroopers?



Post: Андрей 10:53, 5th August
Когда уже мы дождемся Panhard 178 AMD-35 ?



Post: Александр 11:34, 30th July
Мастер-Бокс - мой самый любимый производитель фигурок в первую очередь за отменные Вьетнамскую и Иракскую серии. так Держать! Вопрос - в виду последних событий не планируете ли Вы запуск серии или хотя-бы пробных моеделй фигур Украинских военных в зоне АТО?



Post: Jason 09:35, 6th July
What happened to the Italian Infantry 'In progress'....? Please make them!
Love your figures.



Post: Grunt71 13:53, 20th June
you guys did a great job on your vietnam series!would like to see more nam from MB!thumbs up!



Post: David Warrington 18:23, 9th June
Great to see some Female figures coming up. Could we have some more please !



Post: Chris Bryant 02:16, 8th June
Still would like to see an American tank crew bailing out like the German and Russian figures.



Post: Bill Morales 04:35, 5th June
I just finished the scout and the tracker, I would like to see more of the Indian wars, and also about Rome.
Good job so far.



Post: Mark Edward 20:44, 3rd June
I just ordered my first two Napoleonic kits. I can't wait.
I only hope that more will follow.



Post: william a. corrie III 22:51, 20th May
stumbled across yor products by accident, all i can say is wow!!!! especially the 8th pa cavarly set #mb3550. my great great grand father was at chancellorsville with the 8th pa as their commanding officer! will be ordering aset or two today! how about some more civil war items? infantry,artillery and so forth? thanks for doing this kit..bill corrie



Post: Todd Jackson 20:30, 16th April
Excellent site and products. I do want to suggest a new figure product: A World War II kataysha rocket launcher russian crew? Any chance? Thanks!



Post: Filip 21:12, 31st March
Just bought the 1/72 battle of the Somme male&female tanks and learned to know your marque. Very nice en beautifully detailed kit, I hope to see more of 1/72 kits of WWI&I. Maybe the Rolls Royce armoured car is something interesting? Then You'll be one of the first to manufacture this famous AFV, think it'll be a huge succes;))). Keep up the good work, I look forward to new castings! Filip



Post: Oberon 10:51, 26th March
Hello! Как обстоят дела с разработкой торпедного катера Г-5? Моделисты-корабелы ждут с нетерпением.



Post: rickie57 17:57, 22nd March
i live in belgium,and i like the new figures of napoleonic's war refernce 3207/3208/3209 where can buy this lovely figures please? do you sell directly or not if yes how ? thank you very much, best regards, edb



Post: Guy L. 09:47, 18th March
I want to buy references 1/32 Napoleonic: 3207,3208,3209.
I live in France: the found products?
Do you sell directly? if yes how?
Thank you.



Post: Jay Stone 20:34, 16th March
I am very pleased to see that you are producing 1/32 scale Napoleonic figures. Are they available directly from you?



Post: Riccardo 21:48, 14th March
could you make modern russian infantry (1/35)?



Post: Danis Jean-Charles 16:08, 14th March
I am very happy with the release of your Mk-1 series of WW1 tanks in 1/72 scale.
I hope to see more 1/72 WW1 tanks in the future such as Schneider and St-Chamond tanks, Mk-5s, why not a K-Wagen... And also artillery pieces at the same scale (Big Bertha 420 mmm gun, Lange name a few) and finally, of course WW1 1/72 figures (you can scale down your 1/35 sets !

keep up the good work with your products !

All the Best,




Post: David Benson 14:17, 20th February
I recently made your "where are the dam roads" Mercedes and German military and it was a pure joy to make one of the nicest models in my collection. I love the choice and innovation in your products and your new products in progress are great particularly as you are one of the few companies to incorporate both civilian and military figures together which is perfect for dioramas. Keep up the good work and I always look forward to your new subjects. David Benson



Post: David Benson 14:09, 20th February
Stunning stuff. It is really great to see a model manufacturer making exactly what we all want, which is intellegent well posed civilian and military subjects of excellent quality. My collection of mmasterbox models continues to grow and I look forward to n more new subjects. Well done and good luck for the future.



Post: gazz 23:12, 8th February
hi bought japanese naval marines jn bloody atoll series..great figures but transfer flags for rifles were quite useless.otherwise great series.



Post: Bob Davis 20:08, 3rd January
A well done to you MasterBox. Very good posses for your figures and the subjects keep getting better. One thing everyone should know is that you listen to your customers and have no problems with customer satisfaction. The problem I had with the *th Pa. calvary was taken care of in supper quick time and was posted on Christmass day. I have yet to build the set but look forward to them with great anticipation. The dogs of war were just the kit (one figure plus dog) I needed to put together the one I was working on. Just blended it all together. Will send pictures when completed. Thanks very much for the customer support which puts a lot of other companies well behind your company. Look forward to new sets as usual, keep up the great work. Bob Davis
Gracias :)




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