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Post: el tabacco 19:24, 29th November
I love your figure sets-nicely detailed,interesting and special poses and the best: a very fair price for that great stuff... But...what about the panhard amd 178? when will it be released?? i want it!!!



Post: André 00:54, 26th November
I would like to suggest that you would produce modern wars figure sets of other nations than the USA.
I would particularly like to see Russian army in the Afghan and Chechenia wars and Israeli soldiers from 1982 to the present.
Best regards,



Post: william 12:58, 24th November
thanks for realeasing your oustanding kits. because of your kits the expensive and untrustable resin kits are no longer become a priority. and you always make dioramas amaizing. i really cant wait for the \"in progress\" to be realeased, especially, the mo-4. also, it would be fantastic if you make a russian or soviet saluting like the ones in the parade or a high rank famous soviet figures!



Post: Philippe Giege 15:40, 12th November
Dear Masterbox,
Thank you for all your great kits.
It would be fantastic to see more WWI figures coming out; in particular french and german infantry assaulting or in hand to hand fight (with 1917/18 uniforms).
This would be timely with the release of all WWI tank kits (FT, St Chamond etc.) scheduled this year.
Congrats again



Post: Серик 11:37, 7th October
Добрый день!!! Позвольте поинтересоваться, выйдет ли вторая часть набора из серии \"Атака советской морской пехоты\" - рукопашного боя. Если выйдет, то к какому времени можно будет ожидать его выхода. Заранее спасибо, всего доброго.



Post: christopher szatkowski 17:16, 23rd September
they are should great kits i love them all



Post: gazz 02:47, 13th September
hello masterbox. i think ww2 figures need to be put on the back burner and you should concentrate on going back in time and creating other era figures....ww2 figures have had there day...thanks



Post: ulisesvelez 05:25, 11th September
congratulations for fine in the modelling world.thanks from puerto rico.



Post: anang widiasmara 10:49, 29th August
I really like the product MasterBox, I want to buy but I live in Indonesia



Post: John Staehle 19:18, 26th July
Many of my kits are from Masterbox and go great with everything. Nice to see the US Artillery Crew



Post: Caesar Ho 07:21, 10th July
Still waiting the English & German fleet in WWI (1/700)



Post: alvin hubert 08:23, 6th July
I really appreciate, MasterBox using Black Soldier in your kits..Could you do some kits of more Black Soldiers in WW2..Tankers,Truck drivers.Infantrymen,artillerymen??? Alvin Huberti



Post: Alex 23:29, 25th June
I really like the fresh ideas and the very good execution (and price!) of your kits. I haven´t done 35th scale figures in many years, but you have wetted my appetite! Well done Master Box, keep ém coming!!



Post: gazz 01:53, 13th June
wow what can i say??? amazing 1-32 scale figures now coming out!!! please more 1-32 scale!!! well done masterbox...



Post: Серик 20:03, 6th June
Добрий день - Здравствуйте, пишу вам из Казахстана!!! хотелось поинтересоваться, когда можно будет ожидать выхода (по моему мнению замечательного набора) Советской мороской пехоты в атаке, и второго набора из этой серии, рукопашного боя. Заранее спасибо, всего доброго.



Post: george 02:55, 25th May
Hi, when will u release the italian combat team? thank you



Post: m. castanos 06:15, 9th April
I think its great that you are looking at 1/35 Napolionic figures and I am very excited for their release. This is an area long over looked in modren plastic miniatures.



Post: Ambreos 18:57, 30th March
I am enthusiastic indeed of the first kit that I built from Ukraine Master Box #3546 Watchtower I have added it #3528 for more realism ,but I have planned the completion with the next kit that I will build Checkpoint. You go on this way! Greetings from Italia!



Post: Jack Lynch 02:38, 27th March
Bravo! I am very impressed with your line of figures. Great animation and anatomy. I especially like your female figures. It is great to have more female figures for dioramas. Keep up the great work!



Post: Joachim 18:42, 20th March
Congratulations to your top models. Special and non-standard figure-sets, i.e. the --Friendly Boxing Match - 35150 -- etc. It is a pleasure to build them.
Only request: stronger boxes, thanks. ;-).



Post: Marco 18:50, 17th March
Great models you make!!!
the recent works are very crative and originals. Of course, the other too but, your work its getting better every time!!!!



Post: Marlon 18:42, 2nd March
Please, product in 1/48 scale. Your products are very good, congratulation.



Post: y 22:42, 27th February
felicidades por vuestras maquetas, la de los generales es perfecta, saludos



Post: Geoff 13:53, 24th February"
Hello MB, can we please have sets of typical WW2 British civilians and factory workers please. I greatly enjoy your products.



Post: nouvautées 10:37, 23rd February
bravo pour la qualité de vos produits, pourriez vous m\'informer sur la date de mise sur le marché francais du groupe de figurines accompagant le vehicule radio vk170.



Post: Paul M. Fernández 09:45, 22nd February
Please, product in 1/72 scale



Post: Peter Lepold 08:38, 22nd February
Congratulations to the MB team; you get the title \"Model of the Year 2013\" by ModellFan in section figures 1:48 & 1:35 for the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry.
In 2012 you got this title for the Yankee Scout and Tracker, now you get it for another great work in this section.
Currently I\'m building these figures and as soon as I\'ve finished I\'ll send you pictures.
Greetings from Germany



Post: Илья Костин-Кассанелли 13:08, 14th February
Доброго времени суток! Приобрёл ваш набор Patroling (№MB3599). У меня есть замечания к набору. Во-первых, в наборе один из солдат вооружён штурмовой винтовкой М16А2 с гранатомётом М203. Естетсвенно, этих винтовок во Вьетнаме не было, т.к. они появились в 1984-ом году. Во вторых, в снаряжение солдат входит LC-1 tool carrier pouch. Более адекватно было-бы для данного периода сделать подсумок М56 с лопатой, или в крайнем случае М67. И последнее - если в даннои наборе представлены обычные пехотинцы 1st cavalry, тогда они должны быть экипированы Lightweight rucksack а не Tropical rucksack. Если представлены патрули (1st cavalry LRRP) - то данный рюкзак имеет место быть, но солдаты должны быть экипированы униформой Tiger stripe а не Jungle jacket/trousers pattern 3 OG107.
Спасибо за внимание. Жду больше интересных наборов по вьетнамской войне.
С уважением, Илья Костин-Кассанелли.



Post: Daxat 21:51, 11th February
Buenas, como antes ercordar qeu teneis unas maquetas buenisimas, y os queria preguntar si teneis pensado producir algo de la Guerra Civil española, en soldados me refiero, ya que el Panzer I que producis es muy bueno :). Aunque solo sea una caja con soldados nacionales y republicanos.
Gracias :)



Post: Mark 22:48, 7th February
Brilliant and interesting range of figures that is breathing much needed life into the existing market.
Congratulations and keep up the great work.



Post: Mike 22:41, 7th February
First rate company and one that is breathing much new life into the scene with such a great and interesting range of subject choices.
Congratulations and keep up the excellent work.



Post: paco 02:37, 2nd February
Excellent quality and affordable products, specially those action-in-combat figures, totally out of the ordinary.
Please advise if you guys have any plans of producing more WWI figures, as you can see this period is most neglected by those major producers? There\'s a big segment of modelers that are really tired of just seeing WW2 figures in the market.



Post: Fernando 00:19, 31st January
Congratulations,for al your models, they are excelent,atwo requests, my be posible kits of american,french,bitain and russian, cars,pick ups and trucks militarizted ,like a ford tudor 1940 a peudeot 1939,and please make yor packaging more strong, for internet buyers.Thanks fellows,you do a nice and great job



Post: Fernando 00:13, 31st January
Congratulations,for all yor kits, they are wondefull.I ask if it is posible you make american,fench,britain and russian cars pick ups and trucks, civilian ,militarized in WWII era.Only a request my be the boxes more resisntan and strong, in the name of internet buyers,thanks fellows,a really nice job



Post: Fernando 00:08, 31st January
Message:","Congratulatios,for your models, are really wonderfull,y ask for my be possible american civil cars militarizated,sama with frenchs,britains and russian,o pick ups.Thanks, fellows, you meke a great job



Post: miguel 00:00, 29th January
Os felicito por la gran vistosidad de vuestras figuras...¿os atreveríais a otras épocas como la edad media o similares ?



Post: Daxat 23:33, 24th January
Buenas, soy de España.
Antes de nada, deciros que teneis unas maquetas muy buenas, con gran calidad-precio.
os queria preguntar si estais pensando en producir algo sobre la guerra del Rif.
Graias :)



Post: сергей 13:37, 14th January
Здравствуйте, хотелось ,бы узнать примерную дату выхода,советской кавалерии.жду с нетерпением!



Post: Evgeniy 09:55, 5th January
Здравствуйте, хотелось узнать планируется ли выпуск наборов, посвященных american civil war, и когда?




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