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Post: Marak Jiri 16:22, 31st December
Would you consider to produce czechoslovak or slovak infantry?



Post: Matthew 22:23, 23rd December
Some great kits, you should make some Chinese soldiers from the Korean War



Post: Eddie VA, Dubai UAE 17:43, 15th December
Thanks to Mr. Dmitry, already received my MB3513,3540,3522, 3520,3521, 3519 and 3518 1/35 scale models. I'll be very much busy this month for sure. Thanks MB.



Post: Bruce Heideman 17:07, 10th December
Looking forward (as I have been for 12 months now0 to the release of your 1/35 Horsa - There are a bunch of us out here who want this kit - I have one already reserved via Hannants if and when it becomes available.



Post: Eddie VA 20:41, 9th November
Hi there, i'm one of the many scale modelers all over the world that smile everytime the word "MB" comes from a modeler mouth. Thanks for knowing your product! Regards.



Post: Skiper 01:20, 31st October
Would you consider to produce a model an LRDG Chevrolet 30cwt in scorpion truck version.



Post: ScaleWorker 05:09, 6th October
The best figure sets out there.
Good scenes, perfect details, Top qualtity. THANKS Masterbox!

Greetings from Vienna/Austria
Manfred D.Saliger



Post: Carlo Pucci 12:25, 1st October
Excellent job!



Post: Gordon 23:04, 23rd September
Love your new figure sets of German tankers playing football and the boxing set.
A suggestion why not produce in 32nd for the aircraft range.
RAF ground crew playing cricket.
USAF ground crew playing baseball
Keep up the good work



Post: Виталий 12:00, 5th September
Вопросец или скромное пожелание.
Очень хотелось бы видеть наборы на тему партизан. (если ыдуматся очень широкий список вариантов.), Далее наборы на тему финской войны. Вы начали выпускать вьетнам а как на счет авганистана, чечни и т.д. Ближе както и понятней.
Понимаю хотелкиных тысячи но может подумаете.



Post: Alex 07:33, 2nd September
Подскажите когда выйдет катер Г5



Post: John 00:00, 2nd September
Thank you for the marvellous service that Mary provided in sending me a replacement set of decals for my German Police Car. I am very grateful and impressed with the aftermarket customer service.



Post: Aleks S 20:29, 15th July
Would you consider to produce wermacht tropical anti tank artillery crew?
Best Regards



Post: Chris Bryant 00:59, 19th January
Bought several figure sets recently and think they're great.I particularly like wounded soldiers. How about an AMERICAN tank crew bailing out like the two Kursk kits I bought?



Post: Mike Goldberg 12:50, 13th January
Can you confirm the projected date of release for your anticipated C47 Skytrain in 1/35th Scale?



Post: Stephane Le Roy 19:18, 12th January
First i want to thank you for all the good work you did with your 1/35 kits....
I tried to contact you with but e-mail bounced back
I am a Canadian modelist who got those 2 kits (MB 3528 and MB3528F) from one of your retailer (Poland) couple of weeks ago and
I was wondering if there is a way i can get only the Photo Etched parts to complete one of the Motorcycle
If yes, let me know where and how i can purchase it
I really like your product and i will buy your new product... (MB 35106, 35102, 3590 and more!)
Thank you again for your good work
Stephane Le Roy
655 Fontainebleau
St-Etienne-de-Lauzon, Quebec
Canada G6J 2C2



Post: DAK Trooper 00:35, 12th January
Hello Alex,
Must say that I'm very impressed with the Desert War series set of figures that Master Box have released in 2011, especially the Afrika Korps Infantry "Zum Sturm! Vorwarts!" set. Hope to see some more new Master Box sets like this with Afrika Korp infantrymen in the EARLY uniform with the Tropenhelm and knee lenght canvas boots.



Post: Alexander Surzhenko 12:45, 11th January
Reply to Rich Leffler,
Dear Rich,
Sorry that we did not reply you immediately. Christmas is celebrated in our country from January, 6 to January, 7 and we have holidays. And unfortunately, our message could not be delivered to your e-mail, for some reason.
Please, do not worry concerning texture of parts, they look as texture of plastic of any other company.
Model, photos of which you viewed at our website, is painted in grey colour and exactly paint gives the "pebbled" effect while big expansion.
Thank you for interest to our goods.
Best Regards,
Alexander Surzhenko,
Master Box Ltd.

From: "Rich Leffler"
Sent: 6 января 2012, 20:57:58
Subject: German Military Car Kit
I noticed your "German Military Car" kit and really like the subject matter!
After viewing the photos of the model, I noticed that all the parts have a "pebbled" texture to this true? And if so, why?
I am concerned about this before I purchase the kit.
Thank You!



Post: Danny Campbell 16:34, 3rd January
When will we see the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry regiment released? It's a beautiful kit that is highly anticipated




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