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Post: Imre Bencze 12:05, 26th December
Having on mind the success of your 1/32 Famous pilots set, I’d like to turn your attention to the rapidly growing range of 1/32 aircrafts and choppers being without crew. Primarily I mean Trumpeter, but I can also see great potential in Dragon’s Bf-110, Revell’s Ju-88, He-11 or Arado-196, plus such very appetizing items as Wingscale’s proposed B-25, B-17, P-61, Tristar’s Storch, Il-2 from Hobby Boss, and many, many others.
So many nice items stand „alone” with no people around. They just “scream” waiting for pilots (sitting in aircrafts, boarding, briefing, resting), crews (loading ammo/bombs, servicing, refueling), as well as ground accessories (bomb-carts, generators, fire-extinguishers, etc.).
So, please, think of this possibility.
With your talent and potential in figure making you really can be the WINNER!
Wishing you a really good, successful New Year!
Imre Bencze, Hungary



Post: Brett Harvey 04:40, 23rd December
I enjoyed viewing your website, especially the photos of completed models.



Post: Дмитрий 14:51, 8th December
Разработка набора фигур итальянских солдат на Североафриканский ТВД отличная идея! С нетерпением жду выхода этого набора.



Post: gazz 22:10, 29th November
please no more ww2 german figures.. the market is flooded with them. some more russian figures and allied figures would be a good idea...



Post: gazz 17:07, 26th November
any more thoughts on 2x polish lancers...circa 1939?????



Post: Michael Gallagher 04:32, 14th November
Your models are my favorite on the market. They are so vivid and realistic, which is much more suitable for dramatic action scenes. I would love to see more historical sets. I enjoy the civil war kits, and I think some British kits from the same approximate time period would be great. Instead of US cavalry and Indians, what about Victorian British soldiers and Zulu warriors? I would also love to see some Vietnam kits, especially VC and NVA subjects! 101st Airborne at Hamburger Hill would make my day!



Post: Stavros Soulis 14:10, 13th November
Congratulations for your fine figures.
Let me give you some suggestions:
Give us some more modern subjects.
Vietnam war is a very popular subjest too.
In your Iraq sets I would prefer the given guns had solid hand grips. In that way they could alternatively be used as accessories to vehicles, dioramas etc.
Some guns only sets would also be very useful.
Best regards



Post: mirza kolic 18:55, 3rd November
hay, modelers.
you guys are grate.
But i may have some suggestions.
The first one is a whole kit with shooting guys, because i dont have many of them.
and a execution would be awesome.
And the last thing(maybe my friend pim wrote that to)
a kit full of wounded and dead guys.
Sorry for my bad languege, im from Holland so...
I hope you guys will do something with my ideas.
Greetings. Mirza kolic
Holland. Osterbeek



Post: Jack Hopkin 12:18, 31st October
PLEASE make those Red Army Conscripts I requested, they would look EXCELLENT in a Leningrad/Stalingrad diorama...



Post: pim kok 17:18, 30th October
hello modellers.
i like you miniatures and keep up the good work but i got another suggestion.maybe you could make soviet militia with almost no uniforms 1 or 2 with helmet
and 1 female or something that could be really cool for a stalingrad diorama thanx



Post: H.Yip 12:12, 25th October
The quality of model is so good and good for conversions too. I am in the middle of building a diorama for the battle of Dien Bien Phu, which would like to see some products from you guys that could help me.



Post: Jack Hopkin 21:36, 16th October
Does anyone else think the Conscripts idea with greatcoats pilotkas and helmets is a good idea (from my previous post)



Post: Jack Hopkin 21:28, 16th October
I absolutely love your WW2 Red Army troops, but I was wondering if you could make one more: WW2 Russian Conscripts- 6 figures, with 6 greatcoats, 4 pilotka side caps, 2 M1940 Helmets, 3 Mosin-Nagants and 6 Greatcoats could be provided. They can be built with half with no rifle and half with rifle. Thanks.



Post: Anne de Jong 19:54, 9th October
Great work, esspecially the poses!



Post: Jon Baker 05:13, 9th October



Post: Modern Subject 21:37, 28th September
The lac



Post: Kurt - Belgium 13:30, 28th September
Hi, I t



Post: Rasto 13:01, 11th September
Would you



Post: Dmitri 14:13, 29th August
1/35 Figs



Post: Danny Campbell 16:34, 3rd January
When will we see the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry regiment released? It\'s a beautiful kit that is highly anticipated



Post: belocska 13:32, 21st December
I\'m happy about the news on Horsa, but I\'d also like to know, when could we see the C-47 and the Ju-52? I definitelly hope it\"ll be soon



Post: Robert E. Potter 00:09, 13th December
The new Horsa is absolutely gorgeous. Perhaps you might make the fuselage sides in clear plastic so the modeler can show off that wonderful interior.
And how is that Soviet motor torpedo boat progressing?
Keep up your excellent work!
Bob Potter
Wilmington, Delaware, USA



Post: Pete 10:53, 28th November
Love your kits, really like to see you expand on your Pacific sets.Commonwealth forces in Burma/New Guinea & more Japanese infantry/heavy weapons sets would be great. Keep up the fine work, thanks from Australia.



Post: Miguel Morales 17:19, 19th November
Hello from Chicago, Illinois. OMG!!! Your kits and different subject matters are great! Me and my kids are enjoying building them together as a family. Please keep-up the good work. I love how your figure sets show BOTH sides of the conflicts being portrayed. Again thank you for your beautiful figures and expanding vehicle sets!



Post: michael arif 13:06, 9th October
i\'m awaiting about vietnam war series. i hope you made lot series about vietnam conflict, U.S. artillery perhaps. good job MASTERBOX.



Post: jhunski 09:37, 27th August
Good job MBL



Post: KARL GARTH GRISCTI 01:25, 22nd August
well done for all products



Post: phantannam 03:26, 19th August
I m loving the modeltkit.i was painted the diorama,but today Im seeing the item france1944 in the shop in Hochiminhcity.Its a new idea of variety.



Post: Emir Yener 01:45, 24th July
without doubt the best figure sets ever on the market ! Brilliant is not good enough to describe MBL products. I hope to see in near future World War I figures, especially a hand to hand combat set of Turks and ANZACs in Gallipoli and the Australian light horse charging at Beersheba together with a couple of Turkish gunners defending their weapons.



Post: markhall 17:01, 23rd July
Great kit though would like to see some us seated figures to go with the us halftrack and may be some us vietnam tank or APC crew figuers



Post: Pim Kok 15:46, 23rd July
Hello great moddelers,
Great work and keep it up.
I have some suggestions, maybe you could make a kit of dead and wounded soldiers, I mean no war without sacrifices. I think the market is open for them.
Best Regards Pim Kok



Post: Gordon 21:51, 21st July
nice to see some softskins,will you make any British trucks?
Any idea when the Horse gliders will be out ?



Post: Matt Forster 17:22, 17th July
Hi, just wanted to say brilliant work with the kits, i own a few and think they are brilliant. Secondly, i would really like to see some finnish soldiers, preferably from mid world war 2, it would be very interesting i think
Also, some italian troops from the european campaign would be a good kit aswell as nearly all italian soldiers kits are based in north africa so it would be nice to see some european based ones



Post: Fozzy Forster 17:15, 17th July
Could you release a kit of Italian soldiers in fighting poses based in the european campaign? theyre very hard to get.



Post: eric 00:49, 7th July
Is there a chance that you will release a set with Dutch ww2 soldiers ? They \'re so rare.....



Post: Daniel Garcia 20:25, 24th June
I bought some MB products and they are so amazing , I an used them with many tanks and dioramas and finish my work . MB 3561 - 3578 - 35V01 I neeed , Thanks for ypur hard work..Its had to find your product in my country - PERU.



Post: Joseph Pinoy 11:20, 10th June
How about adding Philippine scouts Bataan Defenders in your 1:35 scale collection? No model company has ever brought this one yet I hope MB will.Thanks and best regards



Post: Hans 23:18, 27th May
I think that the fact that you make very different sets makes you great, especially through the citizen-sets. It would be more than welcome to see more of them! I wonder when the US cavalry is coming out. It can allready be seen for a long time on your site. And at last, is there a chance that you will relaese a set with Dutch soldiers (I have information if you want).. greetings from Holland



Post: Shawn Gehling 17:29, 24th May
Happy Birthday Alex. Thanks for making such great kits...



Post: Mr. Lauren A. Blakley 22:16, 11th May
Great figure sets, probably some of the best in the business! I would like to see some Israeli Infantry, Paratroops and Tankers from 1967/1973 wars.



Post: Vini Pompeo 21:02, 10th May
First of all, i wish to give you some congratulations for the excelent kits and figure sets.
In second i like to propose the release of figures of the german Volksturm and hitlerist jungend at end of war, to place in the berlim defence dioramas.
thanks a lot for your release
Best regards
Pompeo (Editor)



Post: Colin 19:44, 26th April
Great new figures you are offering and regarding your Iraq road block: like the fact that the troops selected seem more representative of the forces over there, than what is usually produced. Thank you!



Post: Bob Davis 21:44, 9th April
Masterbox is one of my favorite figure makers. You do a splended job and am looking forward to many of you sets in the future. A suggestion---soma more allied sets. Maybe one of coast watchers and natives w/equip. such as radio and hand powered generator plus native canone. Air force and navel figures are very scarce and would more than likely sell to fill all our boats/landingcraft and our air craft. How about a set of Philipene gorillas and such. No-one has touched on most of these yet and I feel that the market would be wide open for a company like masterbox. Keep up the good work as I surely will continue purchasing your sets. Thanks alot. bob d.



Post: william lykins 10:03, 29th March
I propose 1:35 ME-109 and P-51 Mustang



Post: Muezza 12:41, 17th March
I hope you will make some figures of Crimean Tatar women during WWII. I have some photos of them taken by German Armed Forces during WWII.



Post: Robert Potter 18:37, 3rd March
I admire your work immensely, but allow a suggestion. Please create any future non-World War II subjects in 1/32 or 54mm rather than 1/35. This would make them adaptable and usable with other ranges of so-called \"collector scale\" figures. Otherwsie do not change a thing.
Bob Potter



Post: BillWell 15:10, 3rd March
Great variety,, excellent subjects. I will continue to be a loyal customer!



Post: gazz 22:58, 13th February
not more german figures!! come on masterbox how about some russian partisans or polish cavalry... many thanx...



Post: Dan Seifert 01:14, 2nd February
Hello from Denmark<BR>Congratiulations on the new Mercedes 170 wagon, that\'s a beauty a real master..relase it soon,I\'ll buy them all!!



Post: ron 16:38, 27th January
when is youre HORSA coming one the market..???



Post: Gordon Mayham 15:15, 24th January
Keep up the good work! The Masterbox Figures are one of my favourite brands (others are miniart and dragon)
Btw: There can\'t ever be enough german EDW figures. Please let them coming. We will buy them all with eyes closed :-)
Best regards



Post: ben bagley 03:20, 24th January
hello from south florida,usa we love your kits and figures very good for scenes thank you for the bmw motorcycles but we need diepner and ural too. i have four izhmash and one ural motorcycle here in florida besides riding motorcycles ,my wife also builds kits too. thank you keep your great kits coming...ben



Post: Dave Bruton 16:40, 20th January
I noticed your proposed USMC in the Jungle. The photo looks like Army troopers in New Guinea or the Phillipines. That pleases me greatly as does the U.S. Artillerymen set. There were more Army troops in the Pacific than Marines . So, keep \'em in steel pots without the covers. Also, please do consider the M-1043 combat boot(buckle boots ) on your U.S. Army figures. I can say your Bloody Atoll series is fabulous, looking forward to more like that. No complaints at all, just observations and requests.



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