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Post: Imre Bencze 12:05, 26th December
Having on mind the success of your 1/32 Famous pilots set, I’d like to turn your attention to the rapidly growing range of 1/32 aircrafts and choppers being without crew. Primarily I mean Trumpeter, but I can also see great potential in Dragon’s Bf-110, Revell’s Ju-88, He-11 or Arado-196, plus such very appetizing items as Wingscale’s proposed B-25, B-17, P-61, Tristar’s Storch, Il-2 from Hobby Boss, and many, many others.
So many nice items stand „alone” with no people around. They just “scream” waiting for pilots (sitting in aircrafts, boarding, briefing, resting), crews (loading ammo/bombs, servicing, refueling), as well as ground accessories (bomb-carts, generators, fire-extinguishers, etc.).
So, please, think of this possibility.
With your talent and potential in figure making you really can be the WINNER!
Wishing you a really good, successful New Year!
Imre Bencze, Hungary



Post: Brett Harvey 04:40, 23rd December
I enjoyed viewing your website, especially the photos of completed models.



Post: Дмитрий 14:51, 8th December
Разработка набора фигур итальянских солдат на Североафриканский ТВД отличная идея! С нетерпением жду выхода этого набора.



Post: gazz 22:10, 29th November
please no more ww2 german figures.. the market is flooded with them. some more russian figures and allied figures would be a good idea...



Post: gazz 17:07, 26th November
any more thoughts on 2x polish lancers...circa 1939?????



Post: Michael Gallagher 04:32, 14th November
Your models are my favorite on the market. They are so vivid and realistic, which is much more suitable for dramatic action scenes. I would love to see more historical sets. I enjoy the civil war kits, and I think some British kits from the same approximate time period would be great. Instead of US cavalry and Indians, what about Victorian British soldiers and Zulu warriors? I would also love to see some Vietnam kits, especially VC and NVA subjects! 101st Airborne at Hamburger Hill would make my day!



Post: Stavros Soulis 14:10, 13th November
Congratulations for your fine figures.
Let me give you some suggestions:
Give us some more modern subjects.
Vietnam war is a very popular subjest too.
In your Iraq sets I would prefer the given guns had solid hand grips. In that way they could alternatively be used as accessories to vehicles, dioramas etc.
Some guns only sets would also be very useful.
Best regards



Post: mirza kolic 18:55, 3rd November
hay, modelers.
you guys are grate.
But i may have some suggestions.
The first one is a whole kit with shooting guys, because i dont have many of them.
and a execution would be awesome.
And the last thing(maybe my friend pim wrote that to)
a kit full of wounded and dead guys.
Sorry for my bad languege, im from Holland so...
I hope you guys will do something with my ideas.
Greetings. Mirza kolic
Holland. Osterbeek



Post: Jack Hopkin 12:18, 31st October
PLEASE make those Red Army Conscripts I requested, they would look EXCELLENT in a Leningrad/Stalingrad diorama...



Post: pim kok 17:18, 30th October
hello modellers.
i like you miniatures and keep up the good work but i got another suggestion.maybe you could make soviet militia with almost no uniforms 1 or 2 with helmet
and 1 female or something that could be really cool for a stalingrad diorama thanx



Post: H.Yip 12:12, 25th October
The quality of model is so good and good for conversions too. I am in the middle of building a diorama for the battle of Dien Bien Phu, which would like to see some products from you guys that could help me.



Post: Jack Hopkin 21:36, 16th October
Does anyone else think the Conscripts idea with greatcoats pilotkas and helmets is a good idea (from my previous post)



Post: Jack Hopkin 21:28, 16th October
I absolutely love your WW2 Red Army troops, but I was wondering if you could make one more: WW2 Russian Conscripts- 6 figures, with 6 greatcoats, 4 pilotka side caps, 2 M1940 Helmets, 3 Mosin-Nagants and 6 Greatcoats could be provided. They can be built with half with no rifle and half with rifle. Thanks.



Post: Anne de Jong 19:54, 9th October
Great work, esspecially the poses!



Post: Jon Baker 05:13, 9th October
OUTSTANDING WORK!! Fresh poses and unique ideas. I can't wait to build more of them. Keep going!!!! Very well done!!!



Post: Modern Subject 21:37, 28th September
The lack of modern infantryman on the market is frustating. I hope their new sets in Iraq are the first of much more upcoming releases.
Not only with USA and insurgents, but others like Talibans, Russians, Nato's countrys etc.

Keep the good work.



Post: Kurt - Belgium 13:30, 28th September
Hi, I think yout kits are of excellent quality and MB has brilliant ideas. I really can't wait to buy the Germans milking the cow. Keep up the good work!



Post: Rasto 13:01, 11th September
Would you please add a A.Karastchuk artwork of "Counterattack" kit in high resolution just like you are doing with others?



Post: Dmitri 14:13, 29th August
1/35 Figs majestyc quality!



Post: Peter 16:29, 11th August
Ladies and Gentlemen
Recently I bought your product U.S. Civil War Series Yankee Scout and Tracker (No. MB 3549).
I am very excited about these figures. They are beautifully designed.
Do you plan any more of these figures from this era, or perhaps from the Middle Ages? I hope you will made so more.
Many greetings from Germany



Post: Waitingfortheworld 18:37, 4th August
Очень давно ждал набора в стиле iraq kit 2. выпустите бойцов Ira отдельно как нибудь ) c уважением !!



Post: gazz 18:17, 27th July
polish lancers circa 1939 please...thanks...



Post: Brad Davey 22:58, 18th July
I think you 1/32 kit of Famous pilots of WWII is brilliant. I look forward to seeing subsequent kits with Douglas Bader, Sailor Malan, Hans Rudel, Ginger Baker and the many other great ones from that war. And then of course there's WW I! You have a great line of kits. Keep 'em coming to Ontario Canada.



Post: Pim Kok 21:37, 15th July
hello dear Ukrain modelers,I really like your models.maybe i have two suggestions for some new kits: one kit with dead and wounded because in every war there is someone getting killed,and i'm not so creative that I kan make wounded by myself.And another suggestion for ''hold the line,, russian soldiers because the most russian soldiers on the market are charging that's also cool but firing and aiming russians are what i need.Please answer me.and sorry for my langauge errors if they are there.
greetings from Pim
15 July



Post: Игорь С-Пб 20:49, 15th June
Здоровеньки булы! Дорогие друзья, сообщите, как поживает Ваш проект по строительству пластмассового советского катера. Когда он увидит свет по Вашим нанешним оценкам? Можно ли будет его купить в России?



Post: David 19:10, 10th June
As a ship modelling fan, I am extremely impressed by your plans to produce every ship present at the battle of Jutland. This is an extremely welcome step; there are so many classes of Battleship and Battlecruiser, that were present in the Grand Fleet, that absolutely no company produces in 1/700 scale (or an other scale for that matter). It would be excellent to see ships such as HMS Neptune, HMS Indefatigable and ships from the less well known Battleship classes such as the pre-First World War King George V Class; to name but a few! In my opinion, 1/700 is the ideal scale for this type of ship model. To produce all of the ships present, on both sides at the Battle of Jutland, would be to fullfill many ship modeller's dearest dreams, including mine! This really is excellent news.
My very best wishes to you and your forthcoming plans.



Post: carlo bonavita 21:20, 4th June
Hi, I bought the set No. mb3549, have left some damaged parts in the box, you can replace them? When is the cavalry out of the union 1/35? Thanks, Charles



Post: Hermann Li 08:34, 15th May
Very impressive products, spending a lot recently on your products.
In the future would like to see some NVA and Vietcong figures being produced.



Post: Savier Karol 16:19, 11th May
Still waiting for a model company to put USAFFE/Philippine scout(Bataan defenders) in 1:35 scale in their product line. I found MB figures the best to have this item first.



Post: David 22:11, 10th May
Your miniatures are really great, specially the animals!I love the dinamic poses of many of them.I would
like to see vietnam war and
spanish civil war subjects and more animals in the future.Good job!



Post: clear2drop 16:10, 29th April
what can i say, bloody brillant, love the range of figures, especial the yankee & indian scout, looking forward doing that kit, & having a look at some of the british army too, i would like to see, some modern british army figures, any way keep the good work up.
yours jason.



Post: Rick Planton 14:12, 29th April
With the new releases of artillery kits, how about doing some figure sets of artillery crews not in their dress uniforms but portrayed as they are in actual photos.



Post: Paul de Reus 08:09, 29th April
Dear Ukrainian model makers,
Whow! That is what I thought seeing your new models 3565 and 3588. One with the cow milking German soldiers.
Now you even added another great idea, a family with cows!
Can you imagine these two combined.
It would very well illustrate the fact that war is not always fighting, as well as the fact that “normal” people (in your case middle and eastern European rural civilians) were (are) confronted with soldiers at all levels.
Having already mixed your cart and horses, filled with a refugee family and their belongings, into a group of waiting US artillery soldiers with their M4 tractor and 240 mm howitzer (a part of this diorama made it into your website), I cannot wait to purchase these and create a “peaceful” diorama aside an eastern European farmhouse. (There are some Tamiya chicken waiting since years in my spare parts box for this one).
Both boxes would even partially fit with the nice Yankee scout and tracker since the farmers in the mid west of the US looked in those days very similar.
Now: where can I buy them in The Netherlands? I will order them as soon as they are available. (why not started an internet shop yourself? Everybody pays by credit card!)
Pictures of the planned dioramas (both 1942 and mid 1860) will reach you as soon as possible.
Once again: Thanks to you all. Keep up doing this job. We have seen enough German tanks and German soldiers!
Last but not least: the cows are far more better in their anatomy than the Verlinden or SKP ones. One recognizes easily types like the Shvitskaya-, Kostromskaya-, Buraya-Karpatskaya or Lebedinskaye race in them. Finally something to test my painting skills on that is not principally khaki or olive drab. (For painting ideas: Pls. read the excellent book “Cattle of the World” of Mrs. Marleen Felius. She has painted all varieties of the world.)
Looking forward hearing from you
Paul de Reus
Akkerweg 12
NL 7693 PL Sibculo
The Netherlands



Post: James OLeary 04:02, 15th April
After taking a break from the hobby due to deployments with the military, I am getting back into building figures. A friend of mine told me about your website and I am impressed by the realistic poses and the variety of subject matter. I'd like to see some Vietnam subjects in the future.



Post: James O'Leary 03:59, 15th April
A friend of mine told me about your website and figure kits. I'm quite impressed at the realistic poses and the variety of subjects. I'd like to see some Vietnam subjects in the future.



Post: simon 23:02, 8th April
Hi to MB thanks for al this 1/35 figures ,I want to give an idea german staff as GEORING HITLER ,HIMMLER etc they are no figures around they will make hit



Post: claude duquette 22:11, 8th April
i am a french canadian and it seems impossible for me to get acces and buy your producs.can you help me?



Post: gogs 11:34, 3rd April
can you tell me when the iraq figures will be out



Post: Galjagin 21:02, 26th February
Дорогие друзья, сообщите ориентировочные сроки издания советского катера Г5, он выглядит очень милым и мне хотелось бы построить его!



Post: Ingo 03:41, 9th February
I want to say "thanks you" for your inspiring 1/35 figure kits. Innovative poses and great quality!
Please go on making these special figure sets Master Box stands for!
Best regards,



Post: cristian carrion 04:23, 7th February
Saludos desde Chile sus kits son muy originales y las figuras son de muy buena factura saludos



Post: Mike S. 11:04, 30th January
Thank you for their work in things model construction 1:35. With joy I saw its novelties of last year and hope for further surprises in these last annual beautifully it if too Kits „Women RK was” still nurses with physicians are added. Also one Continuation of " Maquis, French Resistance" as well as British paratroopers, 1944. last to super. From attention again and again civilian persons of those are not it enough to give can do, (with bicycles , with buggies, in summers or winter clothes perhaps u.s.w) my desires in this direction fulfill themselves. I look forward already to the kits of KfZ 1 type 170 VK and " Einheitsdiesel" possible still many other passenger cars and truck (also civilian vehicles were drawn in) Make, and for the future all for property further in such a way.



Post: Steelmaster 20:52, 28th January
Hi! I love your figure kits.The best on market!



Post: gerwyn 23:33, 26th January
Hi All
Bought my first MB today,
" somewhere in europe" great detale, any tips on building and painting.
Regards. Gerwyn
PS. In my buspass years



Post: Richard Paz 09:49, 21st January
US Infantry July 1944 is work in progress. I will send photos once done. This is Richard Paz from the Philippines



Post: Andy 01:02, 21st January
I can't wait for the WW1 ships in 1/700. These models will be superb subjects, especially when the battlecruisers are produced. Thankyou.



Post: Paul Kalmar 14:24, 18th January
Hello will you made some more historical figures?for example napoleonic era or american civil war?



Post: Richard Paz 18:53, 16th January

Your sets look great! Bought my first 3 US sets..US Machine Gunners, US Infantry July1944, and US D-Day. I noticed though that the canteens are the wrong type for the European Theatre. These are USMC cross-eared type canteens....good for Pacific Theatre figures but not for ETO...big question....why is the water can for the 30 caliber machine gun missing??



Post: john 23:16, 15th January
класні фігурки сам клеїв а не моглиб ви зробити фігурки солдат сс Галичини



Post: Master Box Administration 15:17, 13th January
Dear Jon,
First of all, thank you for the time and attention, that you have paid to our kits.
We will answer your questions in turn:
1. Regarding gas mask.
Both the picture and the kit itself shows the Soviet captured gas mask.
2. Regarding Lee Enfield.
Basically, that's why we show the photos of our WIP, so that modelers could point at the mistakes or inaccuracies before the item is put into production. In the finished variant, our kit will be supplied with the Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk. III rifle thanks to modelers and you, in particular.
A more detailed letter was sent to your e-mail.
Best Regards,
Master Box Administration



Post: Jon R. Harrison 02:55, 13th January
The other day I messaged you stating that I was working on your German Signals Personnel and in the same message I questioned the forthcoming motorcycle set with the gas strange gas mask over the head lamp. Now I see that in your set forthcoming called British Infantry N. Africa 1941 to 1943 you seem to have used the WRONG Lee Enfield model!! In the signals set I found around 6 mistakes but did not mention them previously as I did not at the time think they were of importance however, I am now beginning to wonder what is going on. Can you please tell me about these errors.
Looking forward to your reply.
Thanks in advance



Post: Neil 21:50, 11th January
I love your range of figures and now have a small collection. When i have a choice in my local model shop i will now automatically go for MasterBox as they offer a better range than any other manufacturer with better poses. I would love to see some WWII SAS/ LRDG figures esspecially in North Africa. This would make my collection perfect.Best wishes for the future. Neil Thomas



Post: Jon R. Harrison 21:27, 8th January
I am just completing your signal set and I like the figures they are well animated and have much more detail than other sets on the market. But in looking at your "Kradschutzen" set there is some sort of gas mask on the head lamp on one of the bikes. What in the world is up with that? It is now a WW II German mask, looks like a post war East German. I do not see it appearing on any of the photos of the model so hopefully you have dropped that idea.



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