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Post: Emiliano 20:02, 25th December
No he podido armar ninguno de sus kits porque no los consigo en la Argentina...pero son brillantes las poses y motivos nada que envidiarle a nadie.



Post: Alexey 12:13, 22nd December
Уважаемая администрация MB, хочу тоже присоединиться к вышесказанному и отметить довольно обширный ассортимент и разнообразие тематик… пожелать успехов в Вашей деятельности, а в дальнейшем будущем лицезреть на прилавках новые и интересные модели… Могу даже подсказать, что лично мне хотелось бы видеть в перспективе… Во первых, - очень мало кто уделяет внимание производству атакующих (обороняющихся) партизан; Во вторых, конечно не мешало бы затронуть тематики не относящиеся к WW2 и другим военным конфликтам, например: мероприятия по ликвидации ЧС и соответственно - пожарных и спасателей. С уважением.



Post: Богдан 20:30, 21st December
Спасибо за отличные модели и Вашу потрясающую работу, приносящую нам столько удовольствия.
Хотелось бы увидеть в перспективе украинских Запорожских казаков. Тем более, что тема практически на рынке моделей не раскрыта.



Post: mike 19:49, 12th December
I have sent emails regarding my great intrest in Master box products so I decided to post my comments for all to see. I've been a modeler for over 30 years and never have seen such great imagination and an excellent product to go with it. Keep up the great work Master Box.



Post: Phillip 19:44, 10th December
I am looking forward to the Tupolev G.5
I can not wait, best regards for c novy godom



Post: Victor Bajada from Malta 21:57, 7th December
Once again Iam sending my best regards for Your effient service .You have marvellous range .



Post: Jim Hatch 22:46, 3rd December
Great products. Looking forward to seeing more of them.



Post: markhall 13:15, 29th November
great to see more commonwealth figures hope to see more made be for the war
in europan 44-45



Post: Joris 16:17, 28th November
Love your figures! The sculpting is great, the poses are reallistic, there are so many unusual figures at your range. Keep them going, please, keep them going!



Post: Victor 23:54, 21st November
It is a great site.Very interesting subjects.Good luck.



Post: Robert Potter 18:47, 19th November
I find your figures absolutely brilliant. I hope to see some Finns and Eastern Front allies. And, please consider rescaling your Civil War figures to 1/32 so they are compatable with other "collector" figures.
Keep up the fine work.
A very happy American consumer.
Bob Potter



Post: gogs 18:11, 9th November
great figures, i hope you bring out somemore modern figures,



Post: The SGT. 23:24, 6th November
WOW!! Some really GREAT figures here. Would love to see "More" Blown up buildings. Like Italeari has. or Mini-Art. Miniart is good. But why? In vacuform?? Please release destroyed buildings in regular Styrene For street fighting men. Thank You for the opportunity to share my thoughts. You need to expand your retail sales in North America. As well I only discovered you yesterday through a site in Japan.....Please bring us more diorama sets we can build Thank You. And wishing you continued success !!



Post: Attila Kiss 23:27, 5th November
I love wery much your product!! I have almost all your kits. Please release some photographer figure kits. That is not in the market!



Post: Dave Bruton 05:17, 29th October
First , let me start by saying each new release is exciting and different, great subjects all! Secondly, i am looking forward to the 1/35th scale Goonie bird and the gliders( Yeah, I'd love to see a whistlin' privy{CG-4A}): ithink these will offer a new dimension to this great scale. Thirdly,I'd love to see U.S. Army soldiers in the M1943 combat uniform, particularly in the HBT fatigue uniform and the late buckle boot, perfect for the school boy divisions in both Europe and the Paciic. Yes, one more, the Bloody Atoll series really hits the spot. Great work.
Thanks again, you all are doing good work in a short time .



Post: Hisham Haikal 20:16, 26th October
I love your modern figures, especially the insurgents. I hope you will release more, maybe with heads that have a moustache and beard that can be used in other conflicts around the world. I grew up in Beirut during the civil war and I would love to have such figures to make dioramas of that war. Maybe also some civilians and some fighters with RPG-7's?
Keep up the great work!



Post: Martyn Smith 15:25, 23rd October
I really like the look of the new kits in progress ‘Iraq kits 1 & 2’, especially the insurgents who have never I think been depicted in plastic. We just need some other nationalities to go with them for example modern British troops in Iraq or Afghanistan…I think they would prove very popular. Do we have a chance of this happening?
Keep up the good work



Post: Ryszard Herzig 02:18, 20th October
A very good site with some very interesting subjects. I am particularly looking forward to the Horsa and DC3/4 in 1/35 scale. Would you please consider models of Polish Troops 1939/ Australian (not Austrian - there are no kangaroos in Austria) soldiers of World War 1 and 2. Keep up the good work. Is there a distributor here in Australia?



Post: sergey Biloshytsky 21:19, 19th October
Здрасте.Беру ваши фгуры и очень ими доволен.Особенно радует проработка оружия и лиц.И поскорее выпустите плз америкосов и маджахедов))



Post: Beto Velota 05:35, 17th October
Very nice site. Where are your distribuitor in Brazil??
Please give me this information. Tahnk you.



Post: Pedro 20:33, 14th October
It is refreshing to see 1/35 figurines available in action representing movement in battle and urgency. I highly recommend you continue on that theme as it is a niche that dragon and others failed to represent. Excellent attention to detail and variety. keep up the good work!...



Post: Marcin 11:23, 29th September
Nice site!



Post: Prok 17:34, 27th September
Почему так редко новую информацию добавляете?



Post: Zarkoneil 18:27, 21st September
Really great figures and new ideas ! Maybe should you do more clear notice (building side-car is rather hard with your notice) and do no forget french soldiers.. there is about noone on the market



Post: Regan 11:53, 18th September
Incredible figures, specially those that tells the viewer a short story



Post: Orestis 10:31, 18th September
Thank You!!!! Every single kit of yours, is an inspiration! It has been a long time since I felt such an urge to grab my knife and glue!!



Post: ArdyTan 12:44, 14th September
Outstanding.... wish i could get it nearer at home...



Post: Ferdunand 12:01, 26th August
High quality plastic figures!And hope you can make personal equipments better next time.And we need a responsible agent in China Mainland,that would lead to a more attractive price,more modellers could enjoy your products in this way.



Post: Loran 19:43, 24th July
Bravo !
I purchased you british figures, real good stuff ! I can't wait the release of the Horsa... By the way, will the british troops coming along be the already released ones or new ? Some pictures would be great, too !
Best regards...



Post: sleazy 20:12, 18th July
never bought any of these products but after looking through the catalogue, i think i might be investing in some, just got to convince the wife now. can we see some modern figures in the future please? keep up the good work, outstanding!



Post: bugzbunny 18:00, 1st July
Ребята, спасибо за отличные работы! Успехов вам и процветания! тьфу-тьфу-тьфу и три раза по дереву!



Post: freddy sihombing,indonesia 22:35, 27th June
never knew mb until today.but when i saw the finished product on german signals personnel,the quality is superb! in the future i will buy mb product.



Post: Paul. C 1:55 PM 20th June 20:57, 20th June
Great figure positions, and ones you can change. Hope we can get more kits here in Canada, ottawa.



Post: Georg 18:41, 20th June
great work!!! Can´t wait to see new figures! Maybe some german and brits at the battle of arnheim! Was happy to see some paras you guys made! greets from Austria



Post: Neil Thomas 21:55, 17th June
I love your figurs they are great and I now have quite a selection already. If it is possible can we see some British SAS / LRDG in action poses. I have been looking everywhere but it appears that no one makes anything.



Post: daniel 16:05, 6th June
like yours figures!!!
when the U.S. Civil War Series: Yankee Scout and Tracker will be able to buying?



Post: Theo Okhuijzen 18:07, 31st May
Very good figures and how nice to have at last civilians! Keep on going!!!
Greetings from Theo in Sofia - Bulgaria.



Post: Jim 16:33, 26th May
Just received my first box of your figures. Outstanding. Looking forward to buiding others.



Post: kornils 12:35, 25th May
фигурки- супер!!!! особо радует наличие не только боевых персонажей и сюжетов, но и ремонтников, женщин, гражданских и т.п. Просьба- побольше парадных мундиров )))



Post: shaun 15:09, 13th May
best of luck with the 35th scale aircraft. im sure they will sell and be popular. how about a waco hadrian too?



Post: kelly 14:00, 12th April
muy buenas figuras y buenas poses buen trabajo



Post: belocska 08:04, 2nd April
Hi, I admire very much your kits and the innovative approach, however it is not clear for me why information on certain future releases (including even photos) shall be obtained from other sources (e.g. Armorama). You should be proud of them!
Good luck for the future



Post: wombat58 06:34, 27th March
Beautiful work but it would be great to see a series of seated WW1 pilots in 1/32 scale covering all nations.



Post: Dante Bellini 04:12, 24th March
Very, very good!! Congratulations MB!!!!



Post: Вадим 21:44, 16th March
Здравствуйте! А чего 72 масштаб не любите? Темы у вас интересные, масштаб только не тот.



Post: FRANCISCO PAQUILIN 05:05, 10th March
would you please to informed me your nearest distributor in Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil. Tanks.



Post: polop 09 00:26, 26th February
more civilians please, No one seems to be doing staff cars or civilian autos



Post: dollarsigns USA 00:23, 26th February
a fine collection of military figures but many of us diorama builders need more civilian people and objects and automobiles. Thank you very much



Post: Michael US 22:38, 15th February
I love these figures. The poses are so vivid compared to DML, who mostly has soldiers sitting around smoking cigarettes and pointing at things. What I would really love, though, would be some Korean War subjects. Some WWI figures would be greatly appreciated as well, particularly some Pickelhaube wearing Prussians or US Marines.



Post: peter_Poland 14:53, 14th February
Thanks for yours figures, You have a lot of great ideas.
Please, think about polish soldiers from 1939, there is no good plactic figures in 1:35 of Polish soldiers
Thanks a lot.



Post: Paolo Cappella ROMA Italy 16:21, 27th January
Very, Very, Very good job!! I like your production, keep on this way ! I wish you well!



Post: Николай 11:22, 27th January
Господа, спасибо за прекрасные миниатюры.Достойный ответ Дрэгону.Выпускайте поскорее трехтомник "bloody atoll" :)



Post: Alex_Ukraine 14:35, 14th January
Спасибо за вашу работу!
Жду с нетерпением выхода японцев. Классные у вас миниатюры.



Post: gazz 15:09, 13th January
please, please.. 2x polish lancers circa 1939.....



Post: Alex 10:03, 1st January
Practically falling in love with your figures! Love them, for 2009, would love to see more allied figures especially from the commonwealth like the Australians, Canadians and Brits. Would love to see some figures from the LRDG..



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