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Post: Kszyhu 14:46, 5th January
Bardzo podobaj mi si figurki oferowane przez wasz firm. Mieszkam w maej miejscowoci i trudno mi jest zdoby wasze produkty. Dotd nie spotkaem si aby jaka firma oferowaa figurki w tak dynamicznych i rnych pozach.
Ciesz si e z kadego zestawu zakupionego w sklepie i mam nadziej e w dalszym cigu bdziecie robi tak wspaniae "okazy" jak dotychczas.
Dzikuj i pozdrawiam.

Post: Zimny 14:51, 5th January
Wery nice... but what about Polish soldiers?

Post: arnaldo osorio camino 21:11, 14th January
happy to get in touch with you, excellent and new figures, could you try more in civilian figures?

Post: tim zarco 12:03, 1st February
Excellent figures! Cant wait to see the 3 Japanese Vs. U.S. Marines sets you are working on. I would consider your figures to be now better than DML and miniart due to the poses and subject matter. Cheers!

Post: Mugu 12:07, 8th February
make una run oooh

Post: Ed Mac 09:17, 22nd February
I love your box art,
Skatpelter is my favorite so and your models are pure quality.

Post: James Rose 20:59, 21st March
The figures, box art, and over all quality is astounding, keep making more!

Post: O. Kijewski 01:35, 30th March
Your subject choice is the best I've ever seen! By now your quality is up to standarts. As DML's quality is deteriorating, this makes you my favourite plastic figure company.
Keep it like that!

Post: Haydn 23:14, 17th April
Great figures. As they are different I love the figures of the two GIs and their female companions. Can you make more female figures? How about models of Soviet female aviators (I almost said female airmen) like the ace pilot Lilya Litvyak. Apparently some Soviet Pe-2 bombers were crewed by women. Now I have in mind, if i had the right figures, a diorama featuring a PE-2 after returning from a successful mission and the women crew walking away looking satisfied and cheerful. How about making such figures? Keep up the good products.

Post: Tim Talbert 08:00, 3rd May
Great dio materieal,also great subject matter,please more GI's in multi poses.

Post: Mauro Guimaraes 21:33, 5th May
Very nice and diferent to increase ours dios.Congratulations

Post: ALAN-DUBLIN 20:26, 10th May
Great figures can't wait for the british airborne kits they look great,keep up the good work

Post: Jenny Croft 08:31, 6th June
Please can you send me a copy of the BMW motorbike as soon as it comes out ? I have waited sooo long for a decent motorbike . Please can you make other Motorbikes too , like triumphs & a decent Harley ?
Thank you very much. Jenny
PS. I love the guys playing cards , such a nice set , particularly the little dog !

Post: JENNY CROFT 08:37, 6th June
I am really looking forward to the BMW motorbike. I hope I do not have to wait to much longer. Would love to see lots more motorbikes , maybe a Triumph or a decent Harley .
Jenny Croft
PS I love your other figure sets, really nice sets like the guys playing card (love the little dog)

Post: Rasto 10:25, 15th June
Artworks by Andrei Karachtchouk are just amazing but it is pity there are through them. :-(

Post: JUERGEN 21:27, 21st June
Hi, I like Your "Tarawa" sets very much! I hope for soon delivery! How about a simular set playing in Northafrica ww2???
Regards, Juergen

Post: Nikolai Khizhnikov 08:19, 25th June
Dear Sirs from Master Box Ltd.
Ive looked through the advertisement of model news announced on your site and was extremely disappointed when seeing preview to the model being now in process, kit No 3539 "German motorcyclists, 1940-1943". Im sure that the picture selected as the artbox of the future model causes the most conflicting points of view of the modelers and offends feelings and dignity of lots of people living on ex-USSR region, where people are most respectful to the memory of our defenders fought for the Soviet land and those heroes who were killed by the invaders. Lets notice that it was our common land, if we speak about the period of the Great Patriotic War and WWII and take into account that Ukraine resisted to the most powerful strike of German warfare.
It is our general agreement (my opinion is supported to the multiple of my colleagues -modelers) that the picture (artbox of the model) representing a German soldier profaning the road sign indicating the Soviet frontier territory (the direct trend to the naming of the State frontier of USSR) makes the great outrage for us as the offspring of warriors of our Native land against fascism.
Id like you to refuse setting such an image on artbox of the model and at least change its background (not the content of the model kit, but just the image with the Soviet frontier road sign). And I call upon to refrain from such contradictory subject lines expressed in the model art when containing the moral aspects of the complicated sides of WWII description across the time.
At last I wanna say that your company makes business with the help of the modelers (think) of many countries, so isnt it too correct to demonstrate such images and make outrage itself?
Best regards Nikolai Khizhnikov, Russia

Post: Master Box Ltd. Management 13:52, 25th June
Master Box Ltd. Management treats respectfully the position and principles of Mr. Nikolai Khizhnikov.
At the same time, we consider necessary to emphasize that all the information, posted in the above message, is a personal opinion of Mr. Nikolai Khizhnikov. Besides, as far as we can judge from the incoming personal mail and comments on the Russian sites, his point of view is not shared by all the Russian modelers.
Alexander Surzhenko
Director of "Master Box Ltd."

Post: rick edens 09:04, 4th July
i find your kits refreshing and new the same kits keep getting re issued and nothing new comes out until now keep up the great work .the only thing i can say not positive is i find the helmets a little under scale and not to the quality of the rest of the kit.

Post: mexico, leon gto 22:56, 11th July
hojala pudieran sacar figuras historicas de todo tipo. los felicito excelentes figurasd

Post: Emir Yener 00:39, 16th July
What master box limited is doing in the field of 1/35 figures and accessories is nothing short of miracle ! I really beg to see products with First World War themes in the future. Keep up the good work !

Post: marc peerdens 20:39, 18th July
You are doing a great job with your new items on the market. I'am very suprised of the nice quality. Keep on doing like that. Many succes and you have a new customer. kind regards Marc

Post: Patrick Elliott 18:44, 23rd July
I'm really impressed with the quality of your kits! I especially like the fact that you include scenes of " day to day" life in your kits

Post: JUAN MANUEL MALVICINO 01:45, 5th August
The quality of MB figures is really amazing!. The scenes of all of them are excellent and extremly delicate for all kind of dioramas. Thanks for your designs and dedication!. But... can we have more about Modern Wars? Because nobody has! like: MALVINAS/FALKLANDS WAR?. We have Officers, NCO's, Soldiers of different forces: Navy, Air Force, Army, Paratroops (2nd Paras Reg), Special Forces (Argentinian: 601 Commandos Company, Tactical Divers, Anfibious Commandos, Gendarmerie (Alacran); British: SAS, SBS), Arg & Brit Signal Corps, Artilery, Infantry, General Purpose, Skorpion Tanks, Engineer, Welsh, Scotish (and all of them about figures, imagine the rest of them), and more!. And what about Persian Gulf?, Afghanistan?, Iraq?, UN Conflicts?, Mujhaidins?....and bla, bla. We need more dioramas!!!. Please, in GOD and MasterBox we trust!!!. Keep on doing like that, Congratulations! Thank you very much, from Argentina.

Post: Karl Flavell 10:16, 23rd August
It is so refreshing to see figures in combat poses after so many years of DML doing Germans standing around doing nothing. Anyone would think that no fighting took place in WW2, just standing around! I have built several of your sets and found them to be not only highly detailed but a better fit than most on the market and are excellent value for money.
It would be nice to see WW2 British Paras or British infantry in combat poses as noone else does them and it would be a corner of the market. With the amount of Commonwealth vehicles now appearing on the market maybe it's food for thought. Keep up the good work!

Post: Robert Paquette 08:41, 25th August
These figures are excellent! The poses are quite natural and well thought out. I eagerly await your new releases, and congratulate you on the wonderful kits already out. Please continue doing what you are doing!!

Post: 15:11, 11th September
Master Box LTD! . !! .....
P.S. "Fallchirmjager" ! ...

Post: Pat Selitrenny 23:59, 12th September
Excellent job, well done and cared for. I usually concentrate on Western Front subjects, and believe me, the kits I bought of the D-Day landings, the US paratroopers and also the German soldiers are all worth Gold.
Master Box has become, together with DML/Dragon and perhaps Tristar, one of the leading non-resin figure producers in the world.
I took the time out to study the faces under a magnifying glass and the care for detail that goes into them is worth a Gold Medal at an Academy of Art.
Each face is life-like and sports a true human emotional expression.
The uniforms are also as detailed as the rest, and when one studies the various types, one can see that Master Box really does serious research and not just vague guessing.
I am waiting for the next treasures, like "Watch Tower" and "Scotland the Brave", which I am sure will satisfy even the pickier bunch of modelers.
A big and fat BRAVO to the people working at Master Box.
They are truly Masters.

Post: gaz 21:18, 14th September
nice figure sets.please can u make a pair of polish lancers, circa 1939?

Post: Osok 18:31, 16th September
Hi, very nice website! Really nice modelss as well...

Post: Carlos Dapia 21:34, 5th October
It´s very impressive and excelent detailed figures. Very beautifull ideas and situations. Please let´s continue in this way...Figures of WW One??? Thank you

Post: Anthony, 12:17, 6th October
I am very impressed with the kits I have received from Masterbox here in Australia. It is refreshing to get such 'human' amd lifelike situations represented in kit form. No longer simply stale armour and figures looking quite unnatural and 'showroom dummy' like.
Now we have the chance to further our hobby. I for one see our hobby as, at a certain level, an art, and you are helping we modellers further our artistic and creative potential.
There are obviously people at Masterbox that understand what sparks the imagination of we modellers:)
Keep up the good work and if you want someone to promote your products in Australia send me an Email! I'm happy to help your superb venture:)
Many thanks for the inspiring work,

PS - as everyone here from every country has made requests - here are two single word hints to get us Aussies ordering boatloads: Gallipoli. Kokoda.

Post: Kurt 18:42, 7th October
why isn't there prizes on those boxes?

Post: Thomas Fow 10:54, 12th October
Good work on the models

Post: Neil Thomas 14:37, 18th October
excellent range of subjects I keep a watch on your web site and I am constantly impressed with the range and qualaity of the kits. I have bought several and think they are first rate.

Post: Michael Gallagher 00:23, 27th October
Excellent figures, they are my favorite to build! I love how they are so animated and not just walking with drawn weapons or standing around smoking cigarettes like so many other companies...I can't wait for the cavalryman with the Indian Scout...Hows about some WWI stuff? i would love for some kilted highlanders, or Prussians with Pickelhaum helmets

Post: paul 22:09, 28th October
absolutley great, many different scenes, but no prices, or ordering from,unless I missed it.

Post: Anthony 10:48, 9th November
Dear Alexander, many thanks for your email message. I have been trying to send a reply, but my emails get returned as the system in the Ukraine things they are 'spam'.
Please could you allow my email address through the spam filter would it be best to fax?
Thank you again
All best regards

Post: Dan Seifert 12:33, 16th November
Hello Sir
What had happend to Your proposed Mercedes Benz VK170 kits ???
I would have been nice to add them to my whishlist for cristmass....
Best regards

Post: Stephen 14:12, 28th November
Just bought my first MB set (German signals) and was very impressed. So nice to see infantry figures that are in combat poses instead of the usual tank riders favoured by other companies.
Cant wait to get my hands on the "Scotland the Brave" set(at last some Scottish infantry!!!)
i will definately be buying more of your range, keep up the great work


Post: david 12:36, 16th December
I have bought several sets of figures and all of the panzer I kit options. I must say that your products are of the highest quality and you are to be commended on the variety and originality of the subjects made. I have one request that you may consider for the future. that is to release some of the lesser known Axis allies for example the Finns, Romanians, Hungarians and Italians all fought with the Germans and I would think that it is an area in the market that should be developed. Even a series of civilian figures would be great. Some French infantry too would be most welcome. I like your products and I am looking forward to buying the French resistance group keep up the good work

Post: Shawn Gehling 06:08, 23rd December
I just wanted to thank you for your great kits. I have some and look forward to building them. Keep up the good work. I look forward to getting more of your kits... Love the Civilians and the action poses. Thanks again.


Post: stan the man 19:21, 24th December
please just keep up the great job you are doing with all of the new figures....



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