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Post: Post:Dmitry 19:49, 4th September
Good quality, good product. Best wishes for the Master Box team

Post: C&J Hobbies 22:52, 23rd October
Hi there, We currently sell your kits in the UK where they are very popular. Please could you update us with release dates for your new kits. Looking forward to selling more of your great products.
Chris C&J Hobbies

Post: Adam Hill 23:58, 7th May
Picked up your web site from 3000 Toys and have added you to our list of Model Manufacturers at

Post: Vladimir Delja 23:38, 10th May
Wonderful models! I bought "Europe 1945" in Thessalonike Greece,and it is really great. I will try to collect all of your great kits. Many regards, Vladimir

Post: Chris Mrosko 01:29, 23rd May
Great box art, thye best !

Post: Paul Leullier 13:39, 23rd May
Love your WWII 1/35 figurine collections,they are quite original,they are excellent adds to my collection along with my dragon figures ,Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing more new kits out on the market from your company. P.S. love the pictures and dioramas on your Web site.

Post: Juergen Sitter 23:02, 23rd May
I like it very much, that You create Figures in "action" poses! These are very helpfull for conversions or built "out of the box"! The "box art" is exellent! I hope, that You can bring out a Scene from the "african Theatra"! There are a bunch of very good paintings of british and german artists who show "man to man" fighting!
Id would be very intersesting, because no one can supply such figures! Imagine "Your" figures in kombination with Tanks at "El Alamain"! Would be a very interesting Diorama!
Greatings, Juergen!
PS: I think Your Figures are better than "Dragon" because of the more realistik poses!

Post: Miguel 00:57, 18th June
I like very much your latest figures with germans and russians 1941-42. You have got three very nice sets there, due to the battle poses and the level of animation. Now i think it's time to introduce some set with fallen germans and russians just to get the autenthic feeling of the battlefield.

Post: Aleksey 23:04, 1st July
I`m from Belarus, Minsk. Some days ago I bought your figures Soviet & German infantry in action. Mmm .... They`re gorgeous!!!! Thank you! You just MUST work non-stop!!!!!
The Best wishes for you!!!!!!

Post: Aleksey 23:08, 1st July
Your kits are the best!!!!! With best wishes

Post: Olf 21:07, 13th July
Great work so far!
You are improving constantly in each and every aspect!
What I like most about your company is the selection of themes in your figure-sets. Very unusual and very "real". No fear of depicting the hard (but existing) sides of war, and soldiers that are affected by these (looting, etc.) A real improvement to the market!
Keep it like that!!!

Post: 13:01, 17th July
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Post: goodtofu 04:27, 24th July
Great new military figure sets!!! Thanks a lot!!!
Yet I have a question: who is the illustrator for those fantastic box art? Please give me the answer.

Post: goodtofu 16:35, 24th July
Oh, I know his(her?) last name that is Karaschuck. But what is his first name starting with A.? And is there any internet site in which I can enjoy all his other works and know his entire career?

Post: Paul 21:52, 24th July
Good to see these alternatives from Russia. Since every German soldier of WWII seems to have his plastic copy, finally other great participants show up. Very fine sulptured! Now, let's bring in the Russian horses.

Post: mitry 16:04, 1st August
Good quality and low price makes your kits better! Best wishes!

Post: Chris Mller 16:28, 17th August
Very nice figure sets. I bought your item 3511 last week - they're fantastic, as crisp as dragon ones, but yours have the definitely the better faces. Great job! Thanks very much and go on...

Post: cventura 15:54, 23rd August
WOW!!! Very good quality from his posture until his ending I wait for a lot of mas surprise of you are still like that.
Greetings from

Post: Marc 22:00, 29th August
I am from Paris, France and I just discovered your brand at a friend's modeling shop. I purchased the 3 kits 3522, 3523 & 3524. I can tell you I was waiting for years to find such realistic plastic poses combined in more than one kit. I hope you will manufacture other "multiposes" sets with "multi-kits" very usefull for dioramas. Just one thing, did you think making sets of dead and wounded soldiers? The above sets just miss these kind of casualties to be more realist in a diorama. Anyway, keep on this way, congratulations !

Post: Bob Johnson 15:23, 14th September
Great Soviet WW2 figures, great poses, fantastic detail. Keep them coming!!!

Post: Howie Belkin 14:11, 16th September
I have just reviewed a 2nd of your figure sets for IPMS-USA and went out and bought 3rd for myself. They're great! I hope you'll provide water slide decal rank and unit insignias for all of them, an excellent value added bonus that was long overfue in figure sets. Keep up the great work! Howie

Post: Infernal_XMblPb 12:05, 26th September
Too large heads! All that emotions on faces can not impress me, when they are grotesquely unproportional!

Post: Adelwulfs 17:50, 9th October
I love the art from Andrei Karatchouk, great box art! and the miniatures are great. Im amazed, better than dragon models. Gracias desde Espaa

Post: Emir 13:59, 22nd October
You do an awesome job ! Top quality figures of fascinating subjects. Your issue of a MG 08 team gave me hopes about seeing more of those most neglected yet critical outdated second line equipments with which large numbers of German divisions were armed. My greatest hope is to see a 7.7 cm FK 16 field gun from the Great War and saw considerable service in the Second World War too. Keep up the good work !

Post: Baron 15:02, 9th November
Nice figures, excellent box arts. Really great work.
Some steers from me :-))) :
1. MORE action figures, for example Close Combat Kursk 1943" (SS vs Red army), Close Combat Kharkov etc.
2. Partisans
3. Kossacs
4. Other armies - for example Slovak soldiers (for Slovak National Uprising too),Finish soldiers, Italian army, Spanish volunteers, Romanian, Hungary etc...
5. Figures from other battlefields - Pacific (Japan + USA + Brittish Commonwealth), Afrika (Afrika Korps + Brittish Commonwealth), Sicily + Italia, Greece + Crete etc.
Keep up the great work.

Post: Darek from Poland 00:12, 21st November
It's really great work and very good quality.I love Ukraine! Best wishes from Poland.

Post: Michael 21:15, 27th November
Hallo, Master Box Team .
I m wait with excitement for the new Models. The Checkpoint is fantastic, the German communicators, Stalingrad, Summer 1942, the Casualty's Extricate, Stalingrad, Summer 1942 , British paratroopers, 1944. Kit 1 und Kit 2 und KfZ 1 Type 170 VK . Moreover I hope that you can realize figure for example civilian figure with a bicycle or with suitcases and bags or maybe surprised persons who stand on the roadside, a doctor, nurses or injured persons. Futhermore I hope you can realize this persons too: mount and dismount soldiers and drivers with accompany persons, this figures are hardly to find because the other compans havents this figures. Moreover it is nice when you can realize ambulance and other Lkws, for example Ford , Magirus or Borgward and so on. I know this are very much wishes from a only person but I hope that it is a suggestion for you because Im not the only who need this figures. At last I shoud say that you make a very great job and go on on the same way.
Thank you very much
Michael S. from Germany

Post: Carlos DAPIA 15:29, 8th December
Simply, excelent!!!. Figures very dynamics, accurates, in some interested poses and situations. Lets continue like thats! Best wishes from Argentina...Why not to try french soldiers?

Post: Jim Kozuch 05:58, 15th December
Just discovered your kits and they are great. Good website and thanks for the info on interchangable figures

Post: Gian "proud pinoy" Garcesto 15:40, 15th December
great kit, one of the best molds i've seen, faces are detailed with raw emotions intrically sculpted, and flexibility of swaping parts will become popular with kit bashers

Post: Infernal_XMblPb 15:44, 21st December
At last! 3540! That`s what I`ve been waiting for so long! Thank you very much!

Post: Richard 22:58, 27th December
Great company. Best models of figures, nice quality. Best wishes for the Master Box



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